Penbridge Infant School receives national award for engaging arts education

May 28, 2024 11:33am

Penbridge Infant and Nursery School has received a prestigious national award, recognising its dedication to delivering a vibrant and engaging arts curriculum. The school has received the Silver Award by Artsmark, the only creative quality standard endorsed by Arts Council England. 

Artsmark is committed to supporting schools across the country in nurturing and celebrating arts and cultural education across all facets of the curriculum, breathing life into learning experiences for children.  

Artsmark’s recent recognition of Penbridge Infant School, a proud member of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, underscores the commitment to fostering creativity and expression among its children. 

A report accompanying the award acknowledged Penbridge Infant’s work in advancing arts education. The school has proactively maintained momentum in fostering artistic pursuits, implementing innovative initiatives such as cultural passports to monitor and amplify children's engagement in the arts.  

The school has revamped its art curriculum to focus on skill-building and progression, a move that has bolstered staff confidence in teaching and empowered students to work more independently. 

The school's emphasis on dance education has grown in popularity too. Penbridge has also broadened performance opportunities, with its choir being a popular success and active participation in art exhibitions. 

Claire Young, who leads music at both Penbridge Infant and Junior Schools, expressed her elation at receiving the Artsmark Silver award. She said:  

“The Silver Artsmark award has been a huge encouragement for our school community, and it’s wonderful the hard work from our staff has been recognised.  

“Everything we do is focused on making the arts curriculum enjoyable for all. At Penbridge Infant School, we have an Inclusion Centre where children are included in school-wide events. They come and join in with the rest of the school for music lessons, PE, and dance lessons as well. Our work around arts helps us build an inclusive environment for all."