Penbridge Nursery

Penbridge Nursery

A warm welcome to Penbridge School & Nursery. We feel privileged that you are considering our nursery for your child.

Our staff build relationships quickly with children to ensure they have the best start with us. We discuss with parents the children’s routines so that we can make a smooth transition as they start in nursery. Children are invited to settling in sessions so they get to know the routine and become familiar with the environment.


We are a ‘Thinking’nursery. We provide hands on engaging experiences that stimulate children’s senses so that the brain develops.


As part of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, our ‘curiosity’ curriculum is planned by staff who understand the next stage of education and are committed to laying the very best foundations during the early years for their all-through thinking journey. We use children’s interests to develop learning opportunities.


We know that learning habits are vital for success. We support the children to become independent and resilient learners. The Penbridge Nursery is located on the Penbridge Infant School site.


We would be delighted to take you and your child on a tour of our setting. To book an appointment please contact us by telephone on 0333 360 2185 or alternatively via email on