Penbridge Thinking Habits, Hats, Maps and Keys- Read about them here

August 25, 2022 01:47pm

Thinking about our Thinking

We want every student in our schools to be inquisitive and confident in themselves. Our thinking toolkit is how we support them through this journey. 

These tools are used in tandem with an approach to teaching that instils a growth mindest and ‘can do’ attitude. Through their time in a Thinking School, students will develop the right habits to ensure they are successful throughout education and beyond.

Thinking about Our Thinking: Hats, Maps and Keys

A core part of Cognitive Education is the use of 'Thinking Tools'. Students in our classroom will learn to structure and organise their thinking through the use of Thinking Hats, Maps and Keys. 

Each tool helps navigate students through three distinct pathways: Hats Organise thinking; Maps Visualise thinking; and Keys Engage and Motivate thinking.