Walking Bus

A ‘Walking Bus’ is a fun, safe and active way for children to travel to school.

The morning walking bus will leave the Infants site (meet at the gate on Penhale Road) at 8.30am. Please meet at 8.25 to get registered and to put on a high vis vest. Children are escorted by staff members along a pre-defined route, with the one staff member acting as a ‘driver’ at the front and a ‘conductor’ at the back of the bus.

The afternoon walking bus will leave the Junior Site (New Road) at 3:00pm, hoping to arrive at Penhale Road at 3.15/3.20pm.

The Scheme has many benefits including:
• Reducing traffic and improving safety
• Promoting healthy exercise
• Developing pedestrian and social skills
• Improving the school image
• Giving children independence whilst in a safe environment
• Improving attendance and punctuality
• Saving time for parents

When does the bus operate?

The Walking Bus will operate every day whatever the weather. During severe weather parents will be notified directly if it is not safe for the bus to run. The idea is to have a reliable bus! Please make sure your child has sensible shoes and wet weather gear if needed.


Who can join the walking bus?

Any child at the Junior School who has a sibling at the Infant School can join the walking bus.


Can children travel on the Bus on a casual basis?

No: child must be registered with parental consent before they can use the walking bus but they won’t have to use the bus five days a week. This is to ensure that there will be enough staff members helping with the bus.


What is the minimum number of adults travelling with the bus?

There will be a minimum of two adults per route.


What if my child misses the bus?

If a child misses the bus, it will be the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child safely reaches the school. The bus will need to leave at the specified times in order to arrive at school on time.  If you wish to make use of our walking bus, you must complete this the attached from, agreeing to all the points below.


Can I volunteer to help with the bus?

We are always looking for more volunteers to help with the bus. Contact Penbridge Junior School for more information. All volunteers must complete full safeguarding checks before they can volunteer.


Behaviour and safety on the bus

All children must agree to behave in a sensible manner, or risk losing their place on the bus. Please talk to your child about good behaviour, walking away from the pavement and the importance of wearing the high-viz vest, which are supplied by the Junior School



Staff are first aid trained and carry a first aid kit as well as a list of emergency list of contact numbers. Any accident or incident involving any children will be reported to the parent/guardian and Headteacher as soon as possible.


How can my child join the walking bus?

Please click on the link below and fill in the attached form. If you have any other questions please call the school office on 0333 360 2190